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Macular Degeneration: What You Need To Know Today

Have you ever sat down and wondered how life would be if by bad luck you woke up one day and the vision was gone? Of course, no one loves to think this way because eyes play a vital role in making life easier and enjoyable. As you celebrate birthdays every year, you also have to be aware your eyes might have some issues, which when not treated early lead to blindness. Today, it is common for people to show signs and symptoms of macular degeneration Waldorf condition.
So, what does this condition entail and how can it be treated?
Today, any person with macular degeneration must know it is an age-related condition, and it affects your retina. Now, there are two types of this condition: dry, and wet degeneration. many people end up losing their central vision but they won’t be losing all their vision. The good or bad news is that when this condition comes, it can be treated. However, there is no known cure.

If attacked by this condition, the central vision is badly affected. It means you won’t be seeing the usual things directly in front. It is because that condition affects your macula, the inner part of the retina. Though you won’t be blinded, you have difficulties seeing.

The truth is that macular conditions can develop in one eye only. However, if not so lucky, both eyes get affected, and each will have some level of severity.

So, who might get this condition?
As seen earlier, this is an age-related condition and therefore, attacks people as they age. There are many cases where young people are affected by this condition due to several factors. Apart from age, the condition might come because your family has a history of getting the disease. If overweight, smoke a lot, have developed hypertension, eat highly saturated fats or when your skin is white, the eye condition comes.

Today, almost 90% of people who get attacked here suffer from dry macular degeneration. This comes when small yellow proteins start forming under the macular. As these yellow proteins form, they leave the macula thin and dry. With this dry type, you lose vision gradually and some people lose their vision.

Few people get attacked by wet macular degeneration It will be seen when normal blood vessels develop in your macular and retina. These vessels will leak some fluid and blood. When the fluid is building up, some bulges will form in the macula. You will see some spots in your line of vision. The sad news is this type has been considered severe and will cause total loss of your central vision.

Testing and diagnosis
In the early stages, this condition will not cause symptoms. That is why people need to go for yearly examinations. The examinations help to catch the disease early and get treatment. When you go for eye annual checks, doctors will see if there are some changes in your macula or retina. There are several tests done such as dilated eye exams, the Amsler grid test, and many others. If caught, you will be given the preferred treatment such as nutrition supplements, some medications, and photodynamic therapies.

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