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The Crucial Role and Importance of Sectional Flights

In bulk material handling equipment, sectional flights are very important because it drives the functionality and efficiency of screw conveyors and augers. The spiraled surface or the helical blades that are wrapped around a central shaft play a crucial role in facilitating the seamless movement of different materials. In this article, we will learn the importance of sectional flights and explore the diverse applications that they have and the impact it has in enhancing material handling processes.

Efficiency of Material Conveyance

In the center of a screw conveyor or the auger is the sectional flight, which enables efficient conveyance of bulk materials. The helical structure of the flights will act as a propeller and rotate around the central shaft in moving materials along the conveyor. The helical design also prevents material fallback and ensures a continuous flow, making the sectional flights indispensable in various industries.

Customization Options

One of the amazing things about sectional flights is that it is highly versatile and allow customization to suit your unique needs for various applications. Industries that deal with different materials can tailor the pitch, materials, and dimensions of sectional flights to enhance their performance. This kind of adaptability makes it suitable for different sectors which include food processing, manufacturing, and even wastewater treatment.

Diameter and Pitch Consideration

The diameter and pitch of sectional flights are important parameters that will directly influence the capacity as well as the efficiency of the screw conveyor. The pitch which represents the distance of two consecutive points on helical structures will determine how fast the material is moved. The diameter of the flights also affects the width of the helix which impacts the overall performance of the conveyor. Carefully considering these things helps ensure optimal material handling without degrading the performance.

Prevents Material Blockages

The spiral design of sectional flights serves an important role in the prevention of material blockages in the conveyor system. The continuous movement that’s created by the rotating flights will minimize the chance of material accumulation and will ensure a smooth flow. This is important in industries that are dealing with sticky materials that may interrupt the handling process of materials.

Material Selection and Durability

The selection of materials for sectional flights is crucial in ensuring its longevity and durability. Some common materials include stainless steel and different alloys which are selected based on certain factors like the corrosiveness and abrasiveness of the material conveyed. Coatings or finishes may also be applied to enhance resistance to wear and corrosion, contributing to the overall robustness of the sectional flights.

Versatile Screw Conveyor Design

Another reason why sectional flights are important is that they contribute to the versatility of screw conveyor design. Whether the design is a helicoid that forms a continuous helix or individual flights that are attached separately to the shaft, the flexibility will allow the engineers to tailor the conveyor to its specific requirements. This kind of adaptability is truly invaluable for creating efficient material handling systems that will meet the different needs of various industries.

The importance of sectional flights in material handling cannot be overlooked. From its efficient material conveyance and prevention of blockages to its customization option, it is considered to be the backbone of screw conveyors and augers. The efficiency of sectional flights also plays a crucial role in bulk material handling where it makes the process more streamlined.

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